I had wanted to call this entire section of the website tacos. I had sound reasoning. I dislike the word blog and think there is no greater word than tacos. Made sense in my head. But, like a great many things that make sense in my head, I was convinced by others that it was a bad idea. They said that it would be confusing. They were right.

So . . . welcome to the Benjamin's Fiction Blog. (Ugh, I really dislike that word. It is the sound your throat makes when you see someone that you wish you hadn't. Blooog.)

Here you will find news and updates on my works in progress, including "Denby Evers and the Cleverly Forgotten World" and "Guide to the Universe: How Not to Swim in a Cesspool."

You will also find original content on a wide range of topics by guest writers. Talented people whose thoughts and words I find both enlightening and entertaining. I imagine you might as well.

As always, thanks for reading and keep the feedback coming. Enjoy hearing from all of you.

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