"Denby Evers and the Cleverly Forgotten World" is my current work in progress. I have decided to share the first draft chapters online (including a little quick artwork).

It goes against pretty much everything I have learned about the writing process. First drafts are always garbage (they are). Never talk about what you are writing or share with others until you have at least revised a second draft—and then only share with those whose opinions and criticism you find useful and can understand.


Because someone will tell you how much it all sucks and you will fall into a pit of despair. Or worse, someone will tell you how amazing you are and you will spend more time congratulating yourself on your brilliance than you will actually writing the story. Lucky enough, I already live in a pit of despair and think I am amazing. And realize that both of those sentiments are wrong.

Still . . . I have been told repeatedly that sharing an unfinished work with the masses was foolish. Maybe it is, but that is exactly what I am doing. Tossing the rules to the side. Caution to the wind and all.

I have taken far greater risks.

Let's see how it all turns out.

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