The idea for an anthology of true-to-life stories of debauchery began years ago. Not oddly enough, it was in a bar after ten p.m on a Tuesday. The idea itself is nothing new or original. How many times have you heard someone drunkenly respond to a story being told at a bar top with, "OMG that is crazy. Your life should totally be a movie," or something similar? Too many to count if you have spent any amount of time drinking bourbon and sodas.

The truth is most of these types of stories should not be movies. Or books. Or anything close to it. Mine included.

Maybe, if anything, they should be told to a therapist so we can sort some sh*t out.

"Guide to the Universe: How Not to Swim in a Cesspool" was and is basically a self-therapy session. A way for me to start writing again after a difficult moment. The fact that people have both flocked to the stories and enjoyed them? I don’t know. I found that to be kind of shocking.

There are several more stories to come—culminating in an ending that will wrap all of the episodes in a nice big ugly bow.

Oh, and I dislike the title. So, expect that to change soon.

Thanks for reading. Feel free to keep sending in the emails. I love hearing from everyone (including your own stories of debauchery).

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