Prologue: The Night Before the Green Door

The popcorn was almost gone, and his drink was down to a drop. Denby had perfectly rationed his snacks. And perfectly rationed snacks were a must in order to not miss a minute of a triple feature. But, as he approached the third act of the final film, he began to face a problem that no amount of perfectly rationed snacks could resolve.

His mind started to wander.


Thoughts create reality . . .

. . . but thoughts are faulty . . .

. . . defective due to unique and skewed points of view.


He thought he had heard that from someone, somewhere, sometime.


Although he was having trouble remembering exactly who said such a thing, where they said it, when they said it, or if it was said at all.

And instead of letting this random thought go and enjoying the rest of the show, he went about a back and forth that would not end until he had an answer.


Did I hear it in a class? I might have heard it in a class.

He did not hear it in a class.


Was it in a book? I might have read it in a book.

He did not read it in a book.


Maybe I saw it in a movie . . .

. . . or a television show.

He did not see it in a movie or a show.


But . . .

. . . if thoughts are faulty . . .

. . . not to be trusted . . .

. . . then that means this thought is faulty too.

So . . .

. . . thoughts are not faulty?

That simple contradiction caused a tiny short circuit. A brief circular paradox that derailed his thought about thoughts and shoveled him aboard a new train of thinking that would have him miss the big finale.


This egan and ended with fried and glazed circles.

I could really go for a doughnut.

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