Isabella's Prison

Isabella Wells travels the world as the queen inspector for the luxurious Franklin Atlas Hotel Group.


She is the doyenne of hospitality—with a frosty demeanor that allows her to confront and conquer any problem she faces.

Her tactics have served her well until she is given a seemingly impossible task that forces her to look deeply at her own humanity—and see life in a more compassionate way.

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What would happen if in one split second everyone in the world knew absolutely everything about everyone else?


Every. Single. Detail.

Told primarily through the eyes of two young war veterans trying to navigate a new, strange world, The Last Messenger is the first in a series of fast-paced young adult science fiction novels.

The Last Messenger


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& Other Short Stories

A collection of eclectic short stories, including:


The Vagueness

Carlos the Flying Primate

Ali & Asher

The Hatchling

To Maim a Cockateil

F*cking Tacos

The Distillation

Coming Soon

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